Two Magazines With Nothing in Common

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One is Swiss, the other is American. One is modern, the other is heartland. One is about building and design, the other is about general themes, which may include building and design. So, they have nothing in common except that they are each designed by masters in their respective genres.

Bauen + Wohnen (Building + Home) cover was designed in 1948 by Richard Lohse, one of the principle Swiss modern form-givers; The Saturday Evening Post was redesigned in 1961 by Herb Lubalin, the principle proponent of expressive 60s typography.

Lohse and Lubalin could not be farther apart in their fundamental design methods, but are similar in that their design represents its time in visual culture. If magazines are (or were) clarions of the moment, then these once contemporary designs have more in common than it may seem.

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