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From time to time The Daily Heller will feature new fonts. The first two are:

Crescendo, issued for retail two years after Patrick Griffin and Nancy Harris Rouemy teamed up to design a face for the 2009 New York Times Magazine “The Lives They Lived Issue.” The design concept, note Griffin and Rouemy, “revolved around a typeface they created specifically for custom vertical malleability, and that can play just as well in single- or multi-color environments.” The face involves exotic tri-line letters merging, swashing, extending and flourishing. Crescendo can purchased at MyFonts here.

Enzian is designed by Jason and Lindsay Mannix at Polygraph in Washington, D.C. Jason told me “My wife and I recently returned from a typographic research fellowship in Germany. Our project was to design an original typeface inspired by the intriguing form and complex persona of Blackletter script. The hope was simple: to try to make something useful and beautiful out of something that most people consider to be neither. The fruit of our cultural and linguistic journey is an Opentype typeface called Enzian.”

The face is inherently a contradiction: a contemporary Blackletter. “It is humble but robust, mysterious yet accessible, calligraphic and current,” adds Mannix. “It was our wish (albeit naively) to reanimate Blackletter as a creative expression of the self and to reestablish the importance of craft in our own professional development. It was truly a design adventure.” It is also available at MyFonts here.


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