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Designers revere type and the maestros who make it, but before digital and phototype it was sold to users (printers) like so many nails or screws. Type and the apparatus that supported it was hardware. So as we typophiles bow to our type gods and treasure our typographic icons, it is sobering to see how it was sold at the most down-and-dirty level. These catalog pages from The Kelsey Company (Manufacturers, Type Founders and Wholesale Printers’ Supplies) from Meriden, Conn., had been in business since 1872.


Type cases of all kinds.

They were the manufacturer of the Excelsior Press and had a long history of serving America’s printing needs. Read more here and here.

The curious irony is that for a catalog that catered to printing, which back in the day was concerned with legibility, it could have benefited by a data-savvy designer, like Ladislav Sutnar. Conversely, these pages are imbued with an inherent beauty.


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