Us Against Them, Again

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A new campaign for Greenpeace draws upon the mythic battle of David against Goliath. The tale has been told many times and Goliath has been many things. Here is the campaign, and some of its forebears (above), including (from top to bottom) A. Paul Weber, Alfred Kubin and Boris Artzybashev. If only the new campaign (below) had more convincing illustration, it would also have more power.

The new campaign: Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Switzerland; Creative Director: Dennis Lück; Concept: Andrea Huber; Copywriters: Tizian Walti, Maximilian Kortmann; Art Directors: Christoff Strukamp, Cinthia Stettler, Denise Frech, Cristian Neuenschwander; Illustrator: Anatolij Pickmann.