Vintage Garment Labels: Candy for the Eye

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The Los Angeles Times recently triggered the obsessive compulsions of many a design collector – me included. With the subhead “Truly Wearable Art” they present 50 Garment Labels: A Multicolor Wardrobe of Maker’s Marks. See the the little beauties here. This is actually part of a series called “50,” an eye-candy store of such delights as 50 Leading Men, 50 Main Titles (opening sequences from TV shows), 50 Vogue Records, 50 Patent Drawings, 50 Snow Domes, 50 Titans of Design, and many more. Oh, and my favorite, 50 Rough Sketches, the concept paintings by a 1930s commercial artist, Noel Petters.

If, like me, you’ve missed this series, take a look and enjoy.