Wall Street’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Occupy Wall Street

It has taken a long time since the financial meltdown began for people to get truly and vociferously mad at the culprits, but the Occupy Wall Street movement, which promises a show of daily dissent, is gaining steam and getting NYC’s authorities steamed up.

A steady flow of divergent groups and individuals — the 99 percent — who have been the victims in the financial orgy of greed, have converged. In recent days NYPD has arrested upwards of 700 demonstrators (many vowing to return).

Makeshift staging areas have been established near the Stock Exchange and ad hoc posters and other graphics have been produced. It’s early yet, and the posters are not hitting their stride, but this could be an opportunity for graphic designers to speak out — again.

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street

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