Weekend Heller: Anderson’s Type on Walls, Poland’s Type in Motion

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Anderson’s Type at Farmingdale

My colleague Gail Anderson has what she’s calling “My little dog and pony show” at Farmingdale State University. It’s up now through the end of March. As the invitation below reveals, Anderson’s master of vintage types is glorious beyond words, so here’s the picture:

Gallery Poster GAIL FRONT - lowres

Typography Moves at MOTYF 2014

Polish–Japanese Institute of Information Technologies Warsaw announces the international conference ‘Moving Type Sound and Image’ in Warsaw from May 30 until June 1, 2014.

In the 3-day International Students’ Moving Type Festival, including three days of workshops, students’ movies presentations and a one-day conference, we’d like to focus on the broad field of: sound and motion in visual communication, theoretical and experimental methods of dynamic graphic problem-solving, teaching time-depended media in design and creative processing.

papier motyf invitation web

The conference will be organized in cooperation with: PJWSTK (Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technologies), ZZG Zentrum Zeitbasierte Gestatltung, FH Mainz University of Applied Science, Institut fur Mediagestaltung Fachhochschule Mainz, Hochschule fur Gestaltung Schwabisch Gmund, numerous European design schools collaborating in Erasmus program of international exchange and NINA (Polish National Audio-Visual Institute).

The event is curated and conducted by Polish and German professors Ewa Satalecka, Anja Stoffler and Ralf Dringenberg. The conference will take place in the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technologies, the cinema Muranow and some public spaces in Warsaw.

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