Weekend Heller: Debbie Millman’s Art, North Korea’s Artifice, Students’ Ire

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Designers + Books Gets PersonalThe ever expanding design and literature website, Designers + Books is becoming more intimate with its authors. Debbie Millman is featured in a short video directed by Nicolas Heller (son of your humble blogger) talking about her latest and very personal book Self Portrait as Your Traitor. He also directed a short on Shadow Type by Louise Fili and me.

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From “Self Portrait as Your Traitor.”


Photoshop North Korean Style

Purge by airbrush was a venerable method for Soviets to expunge the existence of their vanquished foes, so vividly revealed in David King’s The Commissar Vanishes. North Korea has revived the practice with the expulsion of the once-powerful uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He has been erased from an official documentary (below) about the secretive state amid allegations of his involvement in corruption and “depraved” acts, such as womanizing and drug abuse. Read more here. The images below show before and after Photoshop was deployed.


Redressing a Screwed Up System

The SVA MFA Design students in Stefan Sagmeister’s “Touch Someone’s Heart” class, Luisa Velez and Mohammad Sharaf, at #screwthesystemnyc say “The system has determined what we do, what we eat, who or what we hate, and even who we can marry. We decided it was time to screw the system back. Literally and figuratively.” So here is an interactive installation and website that puts the screws to systematic screw-ups.

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How to Screw The System?

1. Take an envelope from the box.

2. Screw in the 5 screws you’re given in the envelope to the board.

3. Write down how the system has screwed you and leave your card in the comments box.

4. Take the pencil as a tribute to screwing the system.

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Regional Design Annual 2014: Accepting EntriesHave you read this year’s Regional Design Annual? Don’t forget to pick up your copy today, and remember to enter your work in the 2014 RDA competition.


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