Weekend Heller: Garson Yu, Polish Mags, Adolf and Eva

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On The Waterfront

Film title and motion designer Garson Yu will launch a multimedia public art installation at T.I.N.Y. (The Interactive New York),. The exhibit will run from May 31 – June 16 at the Marina at Pier 57.

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Graphic Design, Polish Style

The first issue of the digital edition of 2+3D, a design magazine for iPad tablets and Androids! Will will be published semiannually. “Our first issue, published with support from the International Visegrad Fund, is almost entirely devoted to Central Europe. Subsequent editions will also deal with international design issues as seen from our perspective,” says editor Jacek Mrowczyk.

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The first biannual publication in English will feature articles on graphic design as well as product design – with special emphasis on sustainable, ecological and universal design trends. We will also explore cultural influences and the evolution of the design profession. In addition, plenty of space will be devoted to criticism, as well as columns, exchanges of opinion, and polemical pieces.mArticles on graphic design offer insights on the following topics: How Czech type designers are taking the world by storm. Why Slovak freelancers refuse to work for large advertising firms. Polish graphic designers’ search for local inspiration. The ascendancy of Hungarian illustrators. The industrial design section features an article about young Czech designers, as well as interviews with Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi, inventor of the LiTraCon™ (a unique translucent building material), and with Polish furniture designer Tomasz Augustyniak.

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Little Wolfie, Eva and Blondie

The Daily Heller featured David Levinthal and Garry Trudeau’s wartime drama in toy figurines. Here’s a postscript: 3″ high Adolf (known as Wolfie), Eva (Braun his mistress) and Blondie (his faithful pooch) figurines, along with elite SS guards, found in a store in Rome. (Here are more for the enthusiast.)

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