Weekend Heller: Ivan Chermayeff’s Lifelong Interplay

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Ivan Chermayeff Collages and Sculptures, which opens at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery (531 W. 26th St., New York City) on March 3 and runs through April 9, is a show of his recent flights of fancy and transformation.


Janus Head with Blue Fish, 2000-2005.


Tea Paper with Little Blue Envelope, 2015.


Painted Face with Enrico Donati Hat, 2015.

The announcement for the exhibition states that it “celebrates compositional strategies informed by a lifelong commitment to the interplay of tone and form. [Chermayeff] has famously said that the essence of graphic design is ‘finding relationships,’ a tactical approach to image-making that similarly informs his collages and assemblages. Composed from quotidian materials including paper, stamps, envelopes and pebbles, Chermayeff’s associative compositions manifest a deeply poetic sensibility and a rigorous graphic intelligence.”

Chermayeff will give a lecture at the gallery from 2–3 p.m. on March 12.

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