Weekend Heller: Posters as Mighty as the Sword

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Vladimir Čeh, founder of The Advertising History Institute in Serbia, is the author and organizer of “The War and Posters in 1914–1918,” which marks the hundredth anniversary of World War I under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Serbia.


Featuring over 200 actual posters and 500 on screen, the exhibition is divided into three parts: “The Poster Throughout the World,” “Serbia Through Posters” and “The Poster in Serbia.”

The first part of the exhibition, “The Poster Throughout the World,” explores the seven most frequent topics: recruitment, the adversary, loans, savings, charity and “advertisements.” The seventh part of the first section represents the most commonly used symbols.


The second part, “Serbia Through Posters,” is the first attempt to represent engagements aimed at collecting contributions for helping “Serbia, the Partner in the War,” which were being organized in France, the U.K. and the USA. They are complemented by other posters mentioning Serbia either in the positive or negative context.

The third part of the exhibition, “The Poster in Serbia,” contains proclamations issued in territories of the then-Austro-Hungarian Kingdom as well as in the Kingdom of Serbia.


Thanks to Mirko Ilic, who is a contributor to the catalog from which these posters are taken.

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