Weekend Heller: Radical Toothbrush, Arab Symbol

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Dental Health

Leen Sader has not reinvented the wheel, but she has a green option for the standard toothbrush. The project she started at the SVA MFA Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program is “finally ready for production,” and she’s created an online crowd-funding campaign on a brand new platform called Zoomaal, hoping to raise $18,000 to help cover manufacturing costs. She’s reached more than 55% of the goal ($11,000!) and has two weeks left to make the full amount. I usually don’t plug funding efforts, but for the sake of good dental health I’ve made an exception.


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The Strongest Symbol in the Arab World

Beyond the Cloth: The Kafiye Project opens on September 8, 2013, at White Box Projects 329 Broome St, New York. The exhibition is curated by Hala A. Malak and the show will feature work from a mix of established and emerging artists tackling the timely subject of identity using the Kafiye as a lens.


The Kafiye is the strongest symbol to come out of the Arab contemporary world. The story of this powerful symbol, accessory and design detail has played many parts in diverse phases and keeps adapting with globalization and time. Treading the realms of street, politics, revolution, traditional garb, trends and catwalks, this object has transcended form and various functions to become more than just a simple item, but an experience even. The core article still exists in a relatively constant variant and yet numerous distortions have popped up simultaneously. What does this all mean? How can we use this to our advantage as Arabs especially in light of all recent events?”

The invitation reads: “A mix of artists of diverse backgrounds and mediums have been invited to participate in the exhibit: Zena El Khalil, Bahram Hajou, Hassan Hajjaj, Roger Moukarzel, Osama Esid, Kevork Mourad, threeAsfour, Chadi Younes, Houmam Al Sayed, Sabyl Ghoussoub, Muhyiddin Sadek, Tony khoueiry, Chris Carr, Marianna Zoghbi, Oussamah Ghandour, Gabriel Ferneine, Wael Hattar and Saffaa. The two winners of the Kafiye Project Competition, Reem Bassous and Nour Abu Hayeh will have their work featured in the show as well. There will also be pieces by Mary Mattingly, Romulo Sans, Wojtek Ulrich, Sotoca, Tania Candiani, Larissa Sansour, Carolee Shneeman, Yucef Merhi and Igor Molochevsky.”

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