Weekend Heller: Rand in Italy

Posted inThe Daily Heller
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The last time I saw Paul Rand in Europe was in the mid-1990s near the Musee D’Orsay. Neither of us knew the other was in Paris. He was coming from, and I was going to, the Musee. He loved it. I was less enthused. He showed up at my hotel the next day; I was out. I tried to get back to him; he had left. So much for ships in the night. I recall this simply because in Rome a few days ago, I came across this Olivetti ad that Rand did for Pintori in the ’60s. You don’t find much Rand material in Rome. In fact, you don’t find much graphic design ephemera at all. So this was kind of special. I have a copy already but running into Rand again, by surprise, in this wonderful city, made me all wistful for the wonderful friendship that died just over 20 years ago.

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