Weekend Heller: The Aries Press Revisited

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For some in our field and outside, the highest virtue in this temporal world is the creation of beauty with a touch of precision. For private press proprietors, the flawless cut of type, perfect page with all elements exquisitely platonic, is doubtless an outcome that is rare if even possible.


I just held such a book about a printer/designer dedicated to the sanctity of the printed book: The Aries Press of Eden, N.Y.

“The Aries Press of Eden, New York, was an American private press founded by Spencer Kellogg Jr. in the 1920s. A second-generation millionaire and supporter of the arts, Kellogg was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement. Though little-known today, the Aries Press produced exceptional examples of fine printing.” Richard Kegler, founder of P22 Foundry and the Western New York Book Arts Center in Buffalo (currently director of the Wells College Book Arts Center in Aurora, New York), wrote the book. Here, he documents The Aries Press in a small but extraordinary eponymous history accompanied by samples from the press.


The Aries Press is published by RIT Press, which is owed many kudos for keeping the heart of fine printing and typography firmly beating.

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