Weekend Heller: The Other Kepes Archive and Making Failure Profitable

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And What an Archive . . .

The archive of children’s book writer and illustrator, Juliet Kepes, wife of Gyorgy Kepes, who also designed environmental spaces, murals, sculpture, and textiles, is for sale and can be viewed in Boston at Ars Libri by appointment. It includes more than 3,000 original drawings. Ars Libri notes there are “various formats-ranging from quick occasional sketches to elaborately finished watercolors and finely painted sumi ink wash scrolls and albums-as well as extensive manuscript and typed texts for her books, both published and unpublished, and artwork relating to these from various stages of technical production.”


Examples of her designs for holiday and greeting cards are included, some of which were published by the Museum of Modern Art and by Design Research.The archive also contains handmade puppets and painted wooden objects for children’s rooms, bolts of textiles jointly designed by Juliet and Gyorgy Kepes, and examples of her original lithographs, etchings and silkscreens. Additionally important correspondence with editors, publishers, gallerists, and collaborators, as well as other professional files are documented.

A PDF catalog is available here.


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Failing is Good for You

Everyone does it. No one is perfect. Sometimes the best results emerge from failure. “Just as pilots and doctors improve by studying crash reports and postmortems,” says Victor Lombardi, author of Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures, experience designers can improve by learning how customer experience failures cause products to fail in the marketplace.” His book “holistically explores what teams actually built, why the products failed, and how we can learn from the past to avoid failure ourselves.”

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