Weekend Heller: VOTE or Shut Up!

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This (and for that matter, every other presidential election) is more than casting a simple vote—it’s advocating for democracy. Not voting doesn’t imply protest, it means rejecting the most sanctified right we have. Exercise that right or just piss off.


During every presidential election cycle, AIGA’s Get Out The Vote campaign encourages members to use their design expertise to motivate the American public to register and vote. Posters may not get the congenital scoffers off their butts, but it shows support for an important freedom. This year It kicks off with “To Vote is to Exist,” designed (above) by Milton Glaser, who says, “Full participation in the electoral process protects our ideals.” His poster reflects his belief in the essence of representational government.

All of AIGA’s 26,000 designer members are invited to contribute posters, which are available for download free to the public at www.AIGA.org/vote. The posters are print-ready in an 11”x17” vertical format to encourage display in public locations such as small businesses, workplaces and schools. AIGA itself is committed to distributing tens of thousands of posters across the country through their network of 70 chapters, with an emphasis on communities with historically low voter turnout.

But whether you design one or not, print and hang one or not, vote for someone you believe can represent your values. If you don’t, someone else will steal your franchise.

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