What is Goollery?

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Goollery is an independent project curated by Ji Lee, Jeanelle Mak, Francisco Hui, Karishma Sheth, Scott Suiter, and Andrew Bonventre. Goollery is not a Google website. So…what is it? I asked Ji Lee to explain.

So, what is Goollery?

Ji Lee: Many people are creating projects based on free Google tools, APIs, and Google brand as inspiration at large. Goollery is an online gallery dedicated to collect and showcase some of the most creative, fun, and innovative Google-related projects from people around the world.

What do you hope to achieve with this project?Ji Lee: I’m a big fan of Google, not only because I work there and my job is to promote many wonderful Google products, but also as an avid internet user and internet lover. One of the nice things about Google is that most of the products it offers is open source and free. So people and businesses can simply take the source code, modify it, and make their own. I want Goollery to be a place where people can have fun going through many innovative and creative projects and feel inspired by the infinite possibilities to create their own projects.

What, in your estimation, is worthy of inclusion on Goollery?

Ji Lee: First, it has to be Google-related [like Rachel Young’s Alphabets below]. Besides that, everything which makes me smile and say, “Wow, that’s so cool!”

Rachel Young’s Alphabets
Rachel Young’s Alphabets