What’s A Body to Do?

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What do you think of your body? Lala Wood, an independent TV producer and director, asked many people–all shapes and sizes–to bare all in her short film, Body Image (see it here).

The project was commissioned by Gail Anderson, Tom Greenwald and Drew Hodges of SpotCo. “They asked me to create a short documentary video to promote the new Neil LaBute play, Reasons to Be Pretty,” she told me. “The film was to be made in the quirky, candid style of my School of Visual Arts MFA Designer as Author thesis, Mr. Wrong (click “about us”), and focus on a somewhat touchy subject. So I interviewed a bunch of people (and convinced a few of them to pose in their underwear). The experience was eye-opening, to say the least.”

Drew Hodges, SpotCo founder, explains how the film promotes the play: “The client’s request was to make the advertising so engaging that folks would wonder what it is. So we are doing a great deal of street postings with surprising and artful images as to what it means to be ‘pretty,’ all plastered with the website for ‘does this play make me look fat,’ as practically the only copy other than the title. Hopefully folks will begin wondering what the images are, and go online and find Lala’s film which really clarifies all of the issues in the play without being a direct ad for it.”

While we’re on the subject, what’s your most obsessive body image concern?