What’s In Store for Core?

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Blaklader Glasgow Kilt grande

CORE77, the pioneering design blog, is now a pioneering design store– in Portland, Oregon. Co-founder Allan Chochinov reports the newflagship – the Hand Eye Supply – is waving furiously.

“We are excited to be located in Portland and to be ableto take part in the historic – and accelerating – culture ofcraftsmanship and creative labor which lives here. The store is forboth ‘creative types’ and those who love them (and really, now-a-days,who doesn’t?) – it is built to appeal with a selection of the basictools of creative work – pencils, paper, pens – a line-up ofhigh-quality tools and fabrication implements – foam cutters! wrenches!– and a wide variety of task-specific clothing made for the shop orstudio – e.g. more aprons than you’ve seen in one place ever. It is alifestyle store but for what you do, so it is a Workstyle store.

The Blakläder Utility Kilt (above) alone does it for me. But howabout the Ben Davis Black Bib Overall (below) and the GedoreWoman’s Workcoat (bottom). Also the CORE store features these:Studio & Shop Supplies, Implements & Materials, OccupationalAccoutrements, Old School and Nu-Style Workwear , Gifts for CreativeTypes, Brands both Domestic and Foreign. One suggestion, everythingshould be either $77 or 77 cents.

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Ben Davis Black Bib Overall
Gedore Womens Workcoat

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