When We Were Pals

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With all the noise, I mean news, that Russia and the United States — Presidents Putin and Obama — are finding it hard to get along, it might be sobering to recall our tenuous alliance with the Soviets against the Nazis. Without the millions of Soviet troops killed defending the U.S.S.R. against German aggression, there is a good chance that the Allies might have lost World War II.


Russian march for voice and piano. “See our youthful heroes filing.” English words by Lorraine Noel Finley, music by Lev Knipper.

The Russians were our reluctant pals, but every possible gesture was made to show that Americans were supportive. This includes the arts, such as film and music. Meadowlands is a celebration of Soviet fortitude and resistance (note how every soldier is identical). Published in 1944, just a year before total victory in Europe, this may have been among the last artifacts that paid homage to our former comrades at arms.

Over broad fields smiling, See our youthful heroes filling; Treading the meadow-lands’ tall grasses, Gallantly our dauntless army passes. Ah! Girls left behind, grieving, Sob farewell to lovers leaving.

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