Where Has All the Paper Gone, Long Time Passing

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Green was never my favorite fashion color, but it is a fashionable earth-saving idea. These days, everyone’s on the green bandwagon, but when it comes to what’s truly important, there’s a new tool (eQ Tool) and journal (eQ Journal) from Sappi Fine Paper North America where designers can learn more about greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, sustainably-harvested wood, recycled fiber, and other factors behind choosing a sustainable paper.

Sappi worked with IDEO to develop the eQ Tool that allows designers, printers, and other users to obtain a customized product statement that summarizes the environmental benefits of using paper for their print job. Check it out here.

The second issue of eQ Journal (top) on sustainability is now available online and in print.The eQ Journal presents Sappi’sinitiatives in sustainability and highlights best practices in thisarea among the printing, graphic design and publishing fields. The second issue of the eQ Journal includes Sappi’s carbon management strategies; how companies are raisingthe bar in sustainability; and a snapshot of the new eQ Tool. Torequest a printed copy of the eQ Journal, contact: sappi@shore.net.

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