Who Makes What?

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And what salary should you make in your design job? You can find out with the new Coroflot Design Salary Guide. Now in its 12th year, the guide has information from more than 20,000 entries and a brand-new vizualization engine. Here’s one example:

From the Coroflot Design Salary Guide

And here are some of the highlights of the updated guide:

  1. Adjusted entries from the past five years, with a pool of over 20,000 data points

  2. The new guide is a rolling tool, available year-round and reporting the results in real time.

  3. Detailed charts are available for more than 50 job titles.

  4. Information from local and national levels

  5. Freelance hourly rates as well as annual salaries, reported in local currencies around the world

  6. A new charting tool shows the 25th-percentile, median, and 75th-percentile of earnings at all times.

This essential collection gives the veteran and the newbie a global look at how healthy the design genres—industrial, fashion, graphic, interaction, interior design, and design management—are today.