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It is hard to avoid the Steinbergian influence in veteran John Rombola’s work. It pervades the Chronicle book John Rombola: Eclectic Eccentric (with an elegant essay by Véronique Vienne)—and begs the question, how much is too much influence?

Nonetheless, aspects of his work transcend the similarities. For allof August 2010 Rombola’s surreal displays are installed in the highlyvisible windows of Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue, New York (above).And in keeping with Bergdorf’s tradition for eccentric windows, theyjump through the glass. Rombola is in the perfect environ.

I could not, however, do justice with my own photographs so please go to Another Normal, which not only has more than 30 superb shots (above and below), then scroll down and you’ll see some of the finest windows anywhere. Also, go here for an archive of Bergdorf’s best.

I never get tired walking down Fifth Avenue from Bergdorf’s to Sakslooking in windows. Some are better than others, but the art of window display is alive on the boulevard.

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