Wiggy Wigs

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Bring back wigs for men. No, not ratty toupees, I mean wiggy wigs. The Louis XIV variety that made him three feet taller and could serve as a nest for small birds and large insects. Its that time in the fashion cycle for Louis to return.

He was rightly called “La Grand Monarch'” or the “Sun King.” No other personality, with the exception of Napoleon, ever dominated French history to the extent that he did. He commanded a court of luxury, splendor, and pleasure, even though he was continually passing edicts forbid-ding extravagance. The court followed his lead, the people of the town followed the court, and extravagance ran riot. Fashions followed each other in rapid succession; this was especially true of the dress of the men, which seems to have been even more elaborate than that of the women. – Old and Sold.


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