Woe Betide The Mighty Who Are Tiny

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Since last we reported on the phenom, Eric Corriel is up to his knees in Tiny Trumps, the cardboard miniature effiges of the president of this nation. Since introducing them earlier in 2019 he’s been building on the brand. He’s had to redo the website, set up an e-commerce store, make enamel pins and stickers. That’s’ a lot of work to protest an incumbent who just happens to be facing articles of impeachment. It is also damn difficult to make his latest miniature mini-minis, which you can see being laser-cut here.

Whether you agree or not, and that’s your right, you’ve got to give Corriel a big hand for making this effort at persistent dissent. It gives a certain amount of hope for the future of the democratic process. And speaking of Tiny Trump here’s a different version for your holiday enjoyment.

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