You Li’l Cutie You!

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Welcome to the first in a new series called “When Brand Names Are Used On Too Many Unrelated Products, It May Be A Tad Confusing Sometimes.” Today’s case studies are the brands that go by the name Cuties (or Cutie).

Tofutti makes the neatly-rhyming Cuties, a box of dairy-free frozen dessert sammies. In the nappie part of the store are Cuties absorbent diapers and quilted wipes for li’l and big ones’ tooties. Then there are Cuties, the California Mandarins (E-Z Peel and seedless) and Cuties the clementine from some far-off fruity land. And these are not to be confused with the li’l songsters, the Cactus Cuties (second from bottom, with their Cute-Tee bottom).

Have you seen any other cuties in the brandscape?

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