‘All About Cheese’ Beautifully Visualizes Everyone’s Favorite Food

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Cheese, weirdly enough, has a sentimental aura about it. Whether because grilled cheese and mac and cheese are childhood staples or that each type of cheese speaks volumes of people’s personalities, there’s something indescribably beautiful about the food.

To capture the magic, Dong Sik(Paul) Jeon designed the book All About Cheese that beautifully imagines the unique craftsmanship and history of the delicious dairy.

Cheese is a familiar ingredient and food to everyone. Depending on its ingredients, aging period, and making process, cheese can have different tastes and uses. Given their long history, cheeses are made in various regions and have unique stories and characteristics across different craftsmanships. “All About Cheese” visualizes these attributes along with the characteristics and craftsmanship of cheese.

Project Credits
Dong Sik(Paul) Jeon