Cihan Tamti Is Pushing Creative Limits With His Book ‘Breakout’

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Breakout is a book created by German designer Cihan Tamti that includes 100 poster designs from the last few years. Throughout the collection, you'll find pieces ranging from personal works to posters, and the experimental typography and complex compositions range from brightly colored designs to minimal black and white projects.

No poster is alike, making this book incredibly inspiring and exciting to flip through from different textures, fonts, and geometrical shapes, offering plenty of exciting work to soak up.

The idea to create the book didn't happen out of the blue. Tamti originally started posting his designs on Instagram to push himself to create a new design every day since he had recently graduated. He found himself a part-time job that had nothing to do with design and felt stuck as far as moving forward with his career. While he did this for himself, he ultimately gained recognition to attract clients and attention throughout the process. This exposure eventually led him to publish his book and physically document his vast array of original designs.

"I started treating Instagram like a graphic design gym and worked on designing a poster every day," wrote Cihan on the Kickstarter he created for the compilation. "Without the constraints of a client, I was able to experiment, often creating work that no normal agency would approve. Such freedom of approach allowed me to develop designs with strong, experimental typography and complex compositions. Unexpectedly, these daily designs ended up winning some competitions and attracting some cool clients along the way."

Cihan began this journey through a personal challenge to create work every day and post it to Instagram, but throughout his challenge, he came to accomplish more than just new designs. He was about to strengthen his portfolio tremendously, travel to places he'd never been before, like Norway and Bulgaria, and have the opportunity to be featured in articles from some of the top design websites. And even though he's accomplished so much personally, he hopes that this book can inspire other students and designers to do the same.

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