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Dear Reader,

I love bed & breakfasts in both theory & practice. I’ve stayed overnight in five B&Bs so far in this charmed lifetime—most of them on Prince Edward Island, an island in Atlantic Canada that boasts the world’s largest egg beater.

One of the great, surprising pleasures of my 2005 wedding-anniversary trip to Prince Edward Island was perusing and contributing to the diaries found in our B&Bs’ various lobbies and bedrooms.

In honor of B&Bs everywhere—and their ephemeral diaries—I am pleased to present two entries from the diary of the Red Fox Room, located on the top floor of Summerside P.E.I.’s Silver Fox Inn.

 Love Bed
 Love Bed

If anyone knows of a library that collects bed & breakfast diaries, please let me know where it is. I’d like to go for a visit. (And can you recommend a good B&B in the area?)


Brian McMullen