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I am intrigued by a new book On Illustration by Andrzej Klimowski (Oberon Masters, London), which has no illustration on its stark black and white cover, and otherwise only a few illustrations throughout the book. And yet this slim autobiographical journey by Klimowski, an illustrator, poster artist and professor at The Royal Academy, not only feels good to the touch but reads well – especially for those of us who are illustraphiles.

Klimowski calls the brief chapters, organized by turning point cities in his professional life, “short reflections on illustration.” He says they “will appear fragmented. I have no clear theory or definition of the subject yet I am aware that without it cultural and artistic life would be impoverished. Illustration heightens an artistic experience, both emotionally and intellectually. Often it is our first introduction to culture.”

I find myself nodding yes at many of his “reflections” and revelations. This book help raises illustration higher on the art ladder. And it will only take a few hours to enjoyably read.

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