Underline’s Book About Massey Hall Showcases the Rich History Of Venue

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Massey Hall is a performing arts theatre that’s seen celebrities from Billy Joel to the Dalai Lama. Because of the rich history of the stage, Underline designed a limited-edition book consisting of 240 pages of historical moments. The design is bold, bright, and effectively reflective of the fantastic moments within the hall. Plus, there’s no denying that the graphic design within the book’s pages will inspire even the most stage-frightened people to get up there and do something great. 

That Night at Massey Hall by David Binks is a 240 page limited-edition book, capturing moments in Toronto’s Massey Hall across almost a hundred years of concert going, and a tribute from patrons who love the iconic venue and the memories that were born there.

Inspired by the historic venue and wide-range array of historic ephemera – from tickets to show flyers – a bold, evolving typographic system utilizing Production Type’s Media Sans, reflected a constantly-evolving journey in music over nearly a century.

The release of the book is in tandem with the venue’s long anticipated re-opening after a two year architectural rebuild.Client: David BinksPhotography: Paul Weeks, Various

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