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This weekend I packed five grocery bags of books to sell/donate. It’s always a bit sad to let go of books, but life needs a bit of order now and then. I have a strange relationship with physical books, especially at the moment of purchase and the moment of separation. For me books are aspirational, the promise to make you smarter, more artistic, more interesting. It’s almost as if every book is a self-help book, and surrounding oneself with books can increase confidence and decrease the fear of not being able to remember something. But here we are, in 2011 and nearly every word and image in the 100 lbs of books I’m giving away can all be found on the internet.

And yet, knowing all this, if someone gave me 100lbs of these dover math books, how could I say no? I’d fit them into my apartment somehow, for their awesome 1970/80s beauty and their promise of infinite knowledge. I mean, Concepts of Force by Max Jammer? Come on! how can I not lug that home!

Thanks for the tip to Kenneth Casey Swoyer who can actually understand these books!