Mysterious Ugly Woman Threatens Design Guidelines

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To hear the story you would think these pensioners, Keith and Sue Webb, had been visited by some gory, indescribable beast.

The BBC reported on this breaking story after a mysterious parcel arrived at the Webb’s home, making both recipients uneasy, and leading Sue to feel “threatened” by the image in the box, and banishing it to the garage.

The Clues: According to the BBC, the Royal Mail was not able to identify the sender, the parcel was unmarked and no note was in the box. The only thing it contained was an unsigned oil painting.

Webb and his wife remained steadfast in their assessment of the “gift” telling the BBC:

“My wife and I were mystified. I opened it up and there was this extraordinary painting. It [has] no artist’s name on it and no title, but it is of this rather unpleasant looking old lady with a hooked nose. It’s a painting of such a horrid old crone – my wife won’t have it in the house.”

The story went on for a few days and hit nearly every media outlet in England. Some fine art and estate agents were consulted, but knew nothing about it. Finally, Webb got a call from a relative in Australia who said the painting was Webb’s late uncle’s and the woman in it that left Sue “absolutely terrified” is most likely Webb’s great-grandmother. Poor Great-Grandmother Webb, still being judged on her looks hundreds of years after she was laid to rest.

I can’t imagine any of this happening if the painter had his or her own Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and

A designer’s work is created out of passion and inspiration and should be noted appropriately using the forms and the latest pricing guidelines available in this must-have reference book, Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. Your talent is not a hobby, treat it appropriately and make sure you’re following the proper designer guidelines.

As for Great-Grandmother Webb, I’m happy to take her off the Webb’s hands. I’ve already given the painting a name — Unloved.

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