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PRINT Book Club takes a look inside new design books we love via exclusive excerpts and imagery. In this installment: Posters for a Green New Deal: 50 Removable Posters to Inspire Change, by artists of Creative Action Network, which is out today.

Jordan Johnson

From the publisher:

The Green New Deal is a set of bold, progressive legislative proposals to transition away from fossil fuel reliance and mobilize public resources to combat climate change. Posters for a Green New Deal: 50 Removable Posters to Inspire Change by the Creative Action Network is an artistic call to action demanding an immediate response to this imminent threat to our world.

In the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wielded the power of art as a vehicle for social change, rallying support for the original New Deal with posters designed by Works Progress Administration (WPA) artists to help pull the country out of the Great Depression. Posters for a Green New Deal draws on this precedent to encourage change through art, celebrating the Green New Deal as a way to bring our country lasting environmental sustainability, renewable energy, job creation, racial justice and equality.

These oversize and removable posters, designed by 40 illustrators and representing a wide range of artistic styles, meet the issue of climate change with urgency and passion. Each visually striking image is paired with text explaining core issues facing our environment and ways in which the Green New Deal seeks to address them. A clarion call for environmental action and social change, Posters for a Green New Deal illustrates the following tenets of the Green New Deal:

• Renewable Energy: The Green New Deal is clear that by 2030 our energy must come from 100 percent renewable energy sources. Through an ambitious 10-year mobilization plan, solar and wind power will be harnessed to help achieve zero overall greenhouse gas emissions.

• Workforce Development: In addition to healing our planet, the Green New Deal promises to create millions of new green energy jobs. These new employment opportunities will require a major investment in training and result in an estimated three million long-term jobs as our country shifts to 100 percent renewable energy.

• Reforestation: As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said of his New Deal conservation policies, “Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” A coordinated effort to plant trees is just one long-term strategy to reduce CO2 pollution proposed in the Green New Deal.

• Climate Justice: Just as our country experiences race and class disparity, so too does climate change affect different groups unequally. Scientists have found that the income gap between the poor and the rich is already 25 percent higher than it would have been without global warming. This makes climate change not only an environmental crisis, but also a moral and human rights issue.

With key information accompanying each poster as well as a foreword by civic innovator and executive director of New Consensus Demond Drummer, this collection acts as an informative and creative reflection of the core values of the movement. Additionally, perforated edges make the posters easy to tear out, making them effortless to hang at home, post in a public space, or use as a sign at marches and demonstrations.

“The Green New Deal is the most exciting idea in American politics for decades––and as these powerful posters make clear, it’s grabbed the attention not just of policy wonks but of artists who can translate these ideas into images that move us.” —Bill McKibben, bestselling author of Deep Economy

Here are five posters from the book. Grab a copy here.

Caitlin Alexander
Luis Prado
Brooke Fischer
Isabelle Vandeplassche
Liza Donovan