Preparing Your Entries

Print’s competitions recognize design excellence. See below for helpful information on how to prepare your entries.

General Information
Information to have ready when entering
Project Delivery Method
Judging Criteria

General Information

  • All supplied credits should be complete & accurate (including title) at the time of submission; we cannot guarantee that any credit modifications or edits will be possible. We may not be able to accommodate changes if you are selected to be featured.
  • All supplied images/web-based entries/URLs should be complete & accurate at the time of submission; we cannot guarantee that any additions, modifications or edits will be possible. We may not be able to accommodate changes if you are selected to be featured.
  • Competition logins are NOT the same as website, forum or other general logins.
  • Once a competition deadline has passed, you will not be able to access the online entry system; be sure to print copies of the forms for your internal record keeping in advance.
  • Accounts are competition/year specific & need to be set up each year (for each competition you are entering). Once a competition deadline has passed, you will not be able to access the online entry system.
  • Check your spelling carefully, including all log-in information, email addresses etc.
  • Be sure that our email addresses (anything ending in or are not blocked, or you may not receive critical information, receipts, confirmations, etc.
  • Have your necessary information at hand when you are ready to submit your entry.
  • PRINT is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes.
  • The following are not permitted to enter the contest: employees of F+W Media, Inc. and their immediate family members; Print contributing editors and correspondents as listed on our masthead; and judges of this competition and members of their firm. Due to SEC restrictions we are unable to accept entries from Syria, Iran, Sudan or North Korea.


Information to have ready when entering

This is the person we will contact with any questions, updates etc. Please be sure that the email address will be valid throughout the competition span, and that the contact includes a primary contact name & email alongside an intern name/email if applicable. Please note that should your entry win, the submitter will not be listed as part of the creative team unless the submitter’s name is listed again in the creative credits section.

For competitions offering various category options please select the category that best represents your entry. If we feel another category is more appropriate, we will switch the category for you, on your behalf.

A campaign/series entry is a single project involving multiple components that are all developed and designed at the same time as part of a cohesive set. The overall strength of the series depends on each individual piece and its function within the campaign.

Campaign/Series examples include:

  • A set of posters and brochures that promote an entire theater season
  • A group of related product packages that includes different flavor variations OR a packaging system that includes multiple formats like cans, bottles and boxes
  • An identity for a retail store that includes business cards, hang tags and shopping bags
  • A wedding invitation suite that includes such things as save-the-dates, invitations, maps, menus, etc.

Components can also be singled out & entered on their own in addition to the campaign/series entry. This can garner additional exposure to a particularly strong piece even when on its own.

Be sure to have the full credits available (including entry title). Credits are taken directly from the entry form; we cannot guarantee the opportunity to update credits if an entry is chosen to be featured. When filling out the online entry form, you will possibly be asked to include the following (separate names by commas):

  • Art Director(s)
  • Designer(s)
  • Illustrator(s)
  • Photographer(s)
  • Copywriter(s)
  • Printer(s)
  • Other Names of Creative Team (include title & name)
  • Client (Should NOT be listed under Creative Team)
  • Release Date
  • Project Description/Goal/Outcome (100 words or less)

Note: If the submitter is also a member of the creative team, the submitter’s name must be listed in the appropriate credit field. The submitter field is not used in credits.

For competitions offering the option to submit a project description, please note that we reserve the right to publish this in the magazine should the entry be featured. Information should be complete & accurate at the time of submission; we cannot guarantee that any additions, modifications or edits will be possible.



Project Delivery Method

Project Delivery Method Options
Select one of the following methods of supplying your project/entry. Once you make your selection, the online entry form will modify itself in order to collect the appropriate information.

  • Digital Uploads
  • Web-Based Entries / URLs
  • Digital Uploads + Web-Based Entries / URLs

Please rest assured that delivering your project in one of the above methods provides PRINT with exactly what is needed to judge and showcase your work in print and online should it be selected as a winner. Additional information or materials is neither necessary nor accepted. Simply strive to capture your work in the best way possible, while keeping to the requirements listed below.

Project Delivery Method Requirements
Digital Uploads

  • You may submit up to 10 files per entry (10 MB per file).
  • File formats for digital images include: .jpg or .jpeg; in RGB color mode.
  • Dimensions: No smaller than 3 inches for the shortest dimension at 300 dpi. Larger dimensions are preferred for detail and cropping.
  • File formats for video include: .mov; .avi; .mp4; .wma. As one of your (10) file uploads, please include screen captures or still images for production in the magazine.
  • Please be sure that at least one of your file uploads is of print/web quality- that can be used in promotion (for both print & web) if your entry is selected to be featured. This file should be submitted first. The remaining images may highlight any portion of the entry that you wish to spotlight. Editorial reserves the right to select any of the uploaded images for the feature.


Web-Based Entries / URLs entries

    • All web-based/URL entries must be viewable in a common web browser and accessible via the Internet for 90 days after the final competition deadline. We are not responsible for tracking expired link, codes, etc.
    • When completing the online entry form, please include a complete and direct link where requested.
    • If an entry is not publicly accessible, please include the direct links as well as any user names and passwords & special instructions that may be necessary to access the entry. NOTE: Our panel does not set up accounts or purchase apps, etc. to view entries.
    • In the Instructions text box on the entry form, list any & all information needed by the panel for accessing the entry. Include direct links, passwords, codes, special instructions etc.
    • You may upload a file if necessary, containing screen shots to assist the judges with accessing your entry. If doing so, be sure to select Digital Uploads + Web Based Entries / URLs as your entry method and upload the file as a digital upload. Be aware that this will count as one of your allotted uploads. Indicate in the notes: SEE FILE UPLOAD FOR INSTRUCTIONS.
    • If screen shots or other print-quality images are not provided, PRINT will decide what to use in the magazine if the entry is featured.
    • Demonstration video’s should not be longer than 5 minutes in length.

Judging Criteria

PRINT selects judges who have a level and area of expertise suitable for judging our competitions. Judges will review your projects (including your project description) with a keen eye in search of solid, compelling work that meets project objectives creatively and goes above and beyond in some way. Note that, as this is a design competition, a great idea on its own is typically not enough to be awarded. That idea must also be executed well in terms of the main tenets of design (typography, composition, hierarchy, etc.).

• How well does the entry communicate?
• How well does the entry achieve the client’s mission?
• How memorable or unique is the entry?
• How strong is the entry aesthetically?



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