Design Culture

Branding Nazi Kids

"Get them when they're young" and they'll be yours forever is a truism that has continued throughout history—a dangerous concept, especially when it comes to branding and groups like the Marine Hitler Jugend.

The Trouble With Democracy?

Democracy is an "experiment," we are told. But since 1776 America's experiment has been threatened from inside and out—as this editorial in Bernarr Macfadden's Liberty magazine from 1940 shows.

A Yiddish Avant Garde

Steven Heller examines a Kedem Auctions catalog of avant garde art and artifacts from the Collection of Uzi Agassi (founder of Even Hoshen Press).

A Master of the German Modern Logo

Max Körner (1883–1963) was a painter and German trademark designer. From 1913 to 1921 he was a teacher of visual design and crafts at the School of Applied Arts in Stuttgart, and along with Wilhelm Deffke, he mastered the modern logo. Gebrausgraphik called him “one of the most characteristic and original figures among German...

Tschichold In The Rough

Last week I previewed a splendid book by Prof. Patrick Rössler (Universität Erfurt) in Germany on 1920s-30s illustrated German magazines. Today I bring you another awe-inspiring history of the New Typography, Blicke in den Nachlass Jan Tschichold: Ein Jahrhundrettypograf! (Wallstein Verlag) by Stephanie Jacobs and Rössler. With an introduction by the biographer of Paul...

Illustrated Magazines, The Genius Thereof

Picture Magazines of the Times (Bildermaga Zin Der Zeit) (Gebr. Mann Verlag, Berlin) by Patrick Rössler is just what the doctor ordered today. In the 1920s, “The illustrated Magazine” was planned to be among the celebrated series of Bauhaus Books (Bauhausbücher). Edited by Moholy Nagy it was to be a “critical inventory” of contemporary...