Weekday Studio Wants You To Customize Your Own Classic Chucks

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Anyone can be a footwear designer now, thanks to Converse By You.

This new sub-brand from Converse allows any user to create their own shoes by selecting a print, sole, and trim color of your choosing. This unique brand experience brings customization to a whole new level. Weekday Studio was tasked to design the branding, campaign, e-commerce design, marketing collateral, packaging, and animation while keeping Converse iconic, with its heritage still integrated within this new sub-brand.

Weekday Studio was challenged to create the name and design a sub-brand for one of the most iconic shoe companies in the world. Converse asked us to create an identity that would unite their customization program through all customer touchpoints (online, in stores, and events) and engage their core audience.

Heritage Inspired Letters

Modern Letters

Heritage & Modern Letters Combined

We started by taking a deep dive into Converse’s rich and diverse history, conducting customer research and a competitive audit. We dubbed the brand “Converse By You” to encourage the users’ customization control that showcases everyone’s individuality.

We created a primary word mark by designing bespoke letters made out of unique shapes to highlight that, just like these letters, no two people are the same. We took inspiration from the various letterforms used across the Converse brand’s 100+ year history and paired them with additional modern bespoke letters. We utilized these additional letter forms as textures, patterns, and graphic elements to support the primary word mark.

For the color story, we created a rainbow palette that can be utilized in endless ways- just like the customization offerings of a Converse By You shoe. Combining both type and color palette created a brand that celebrates individuality and uniqueness that makes You, you.

The fluid design form can be changed and evolved over time, making it perfect for individualization as the designer in all of us can bring their unique style to their custom Converse.

Designed by: Weekday Studio

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