The Podcast ‘Call Paul’ Will Help You Start a Business

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Have you started a business in the last year? Are you considering starting one now? In this season of Call Paul, Paul Jarvis talks to business beginners and business veterans to discover the how-tos of starting a new endeavor, sustaining it for the long haul, and doing it with integrity. 

Host: Paul Jarvis is a writer and designer who’s run his own small business for the last 21 years. His latest book, Company of One, explores why bigger isn’t always better in business and he’s currently the co-founder of Fathom Analytics, a privacy-focused and simple website analytics platform. Paul lives on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, where he’s cultivated a dedicated following helping entrepreneurs and e-commerce business owners grow their marketing, with an emphasis on his business philosophy, “find your rat people.”

Episode: Sharing is Caring with Austin Kleon

“I’ve got a Venn diagram, basically in my head … I’m always trying to figure out where the audience and I can meet and where that overlap is, what I’m genuinely curious about and what other people are struggling with or want.”

Episode Description:

Longtime blogger, author, and illustrator, Austin Kleon shares his best advice for someone starting a new business or project, the kind of advice that serves as guiding principles in the form of integrity, showing up, showing your work, making a system that works for you and, most of all, being true to yourself.

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