The Portfolio: Chaoqun Wang Uses Design to Bridge Shared Human Experience

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In light of COVID-19’s impact on design programs around the world—and especially its toll on the visibility of student portfolio shows—we’ve launched a series spotlighting portfolios and projects we love. To submit yours for consideration, get in touch here.

Having studied various subjects at Brown and Brandeis universities and graduated with honors from Rhode Island School of Design, Chaoqun Wang comes from a rich academic pedigree. But it’s the Shanghai native’s geographic exposure that she believes gives her a wholly unique perspective.

“Moving in between countries that share polar opposite social values, [my] personal cross-cultural challenges inspire [me] to utilize design to bridge the gap in shared human experience,” she writes. “[I] believe that visual culture and humanity are interconnected.”

After graduating from RISD, Wang worked as a visual designer at Rakuten before pursuing her MFA in design at School of Visual Arts. She has since completed an internship at Apple—and produced a host of brilliant work in the process.

Here’s a look at her portfolio, starting with her “Designing for Freedom” poster series, created for an event at Grace Farms in Connecticut.

“A combination of typography, textures and graphic elements take inspiration from both Grace Farms’ organic architectural form as well as the concept of design as a tactile subject,” Wang writes. “The poster is finished off with a vivid color palette that hopes to further illustrate the lively and imaginative nature of designing for freedom.”