The University of Reading

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THE MASTER’S IN Typeface Design at the University of Reading has a storied pedigree: It’s based at a school long famous for its strong design program and its emphasis on type and type history. Alumna Nadine Chahine, now the Arabic specialist at Linotype, attributes her success to the school’s curriculum. She says that the program was filled with visiting lecturers “who provided many different points of view, sometimes quite opposing in direction, but that was what made it really interesting for us.”

The University of Reading has a vast research library system and professors strongly encourage research as a tool for typographic development. To catalog the various typefaces used in Hindi newspapers, alumnus Dan Reynolds used a database system that was originally created for another student’s thesis on indexing Arabic newspapers’ typefaces. Reading paid for Reynolds to travel to India to collect these difficult-to-find resources and to bring back the newspapers for its collection. As Reynolds says, “The really great thing is the university has the largest collection of all this obscure typographic stuff.”