The World Is Your Creative Oyster

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By Marcela Iannini, Academic Chair – Graduate Studies, Miami International University of Art & Design

Creative industries in the U.S. are predicted to create 15 million new jobs over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth report for 2012-2022. To round out the picture from a global perspective, creative industries are thriving following the 2008 economic crisis, according to the United Nation’s 2010 Creative Economy Report.

Art Institutes

A world of opportunity

So what does this mean for creative thinkers? The world has never been more receptive to innovative ideas and products —and the leaders who drive them on a global stage. But this also means that creative leaders will need to have strong business skills, creative vision, and the ability to direct and inspire teams working alongside them.

Education and leadership skills are key

To meet these challenges, leadership training and education helps creative people evolve from contributors to project drivers. Sharpening critical thinking skills, gaining management skills and experience, and knowing how to harness diverse ideas can help creatives become dynamic leaders and fully prepare for the challenges in today’s economy.

Master’s degree programs like Design & Media Management at The Art Institutes system of schools can help professionals grow their leadership and problem-solving skills to seize these opportunities and drive tomorrow’s innovation.

**Since The Art Institutes is comprised of several institutions, see for program duration, tuition, fees, other costs, median debt, federal salary data, alumni success, and other important info.