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Initially, I was pretty disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t be able to attend HOW Design Live in Boston this year.

My disappointment was short-lived, however, because I learned that I can see some of my heroes—such as Malcolm Gladwell, Aaron Draplin and Brian Wood—present at HOW Design Live Online, June 9-22! Plus, all attendees will have the opportunity to chat live with incredible design experts such as Andy Epstein, Nancye Green and Michael Donovan.

HOW Design Live Online features the top 23 best videos recorded at the conference, as well as the opportunity to chat with speakers up close and personal. From web design tutorials to presentations on typography, package design, branding, in-house management, freelance design and more, HDL online is the perfect way to enjoy—or relive—the conference from anywhere with an internet connection.

The video presentations will be available June 9-22, and many of the speakers will be available to chat live online throughout that time. Register for HOW Design Live Online here.

Live Chat Schedule (each session lasts 1 hour):

  1. Monday, June 9 at 3pm: Corwin Hiebert

  2. Tuesday, June 10 at 2 pm: Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach

  3. Wednesday, June 11 at 1pm: Robin Landa

  4. Wednesday, June 11 at 2 pm: Hamish Campbell

  5. Thursday, June 12 at 2 pm: Matthew Richmond

  6. Friday, June 13 at 1 pm: Andy Epstein

  7. Friday, June 13 at 2 pm: Michael Donovan and Nancye Green

  8. Monday, June 16 at 2 pm: Sara Wachter-Boettcher

  9. Tuesday, June 17 at 2 pm: Justin Knecht

  10. Wednesday, June 18 at 2 pm: Chris Converse

  11. Thursday, June 19 at 2 pm: Allan Haley

  12. Friday, June 20 at 1 pm: Douglas Davis

HOW Design Live Online isn’t only for those of us who missed the conference, either. It’s also intended for conference attendees who missed sessions from their favorite speakers, or fwho want to follow up and chat with the speakers.

The annual HOW Design Live conference is THE premiere event for designers, freelancers, in-house managers and other industry professionals. Creatives from all over the world come to find inspiration, learn new skills, advance their careers and develop their own businesses—opportunities you can’t find in one place anywhere else.

HOW Design Live Online offers all of that, plus the added benefit of attending the conference from your sofa, the library, the coffee shop, or all three. You can access all of the videos any time and anywhere during HOW Design Live Online and experience what makes HOW Design Live such an amazing event.

With your registration, you’ll get an all-access pass to 23 video recordings with stunning speakers from HOW Design Live 2014, as well as live chat sessions with those speakers. There’s no set schedule and no pre-determined order for the videos, so you can learn what you want when you want. You won’t have to choose between two speakers with simultaneous sessions. Plus, online registration for this event saves you 64% off the price of purchasing all of the videos individually—the equivalent of 13 free videos.

Highlights from HOW Design Live Online

A Designed Life: What were we thinking? What are we thinking now?

with Michael Donovan and Nancye Green

Step ahead of your competition by learning from some of the best problem solvers and thought leaders in the industry. Experience speaks volumes, and in this session with design pioneers Michael Donovan and Nancye Greene, you’ll follow their journey from the inception of their firm to its current successes. See how the principles they believed in when they began have been remained and have defined their work.

How to Start of Grow a Unique Biz, Passion or Idea with Little to No Start-Up Money

with Johnny Earle (a.k.a. Johnny Cupcakes)

Don’t miss this session for an inside look at how the wild success of Johnny Cupcakes reinforces the power of details, experience and loyalty. Through his inspiring, and certainly unpredictable journey, Johnny exudes the fundamental connection between the person and the brand. Johnny’s presentation provides comprehensive blueprints for getting any small business, passion or idea off the ground, while also expanding the way existing creators think.

Plus, at HOW Design Live Online you can check out keynotes with Malcolm Gladwell, Christine Mau and Johnny Cupcakes!

Register for HOW Design Live Online and see the full schedule!

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If you were a Big Ticket attendee at this year’s HOW Design Live please contact Lyn Menke to receive access to all conference videos.