Cheryl D. Miller Speaks with ‘Designing Your Career’ On the Black Experience In Design

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Known for her advocacy for Black graphic designers and her work to end the marginalization of BIPOC designers, Cheryl D. Miller is a designer, author, and theologian. As an accomplished, award-winning designer and businesswoman, in 1984, Miller founded one of the first black women-owned design agencies in New York City. Furthermore, Cheryl D. Miller Design Inc. designed for Fortune 500 companies including BET, Chase, American Express, and Time Inc. 

Additionally, Miller has written two seminal peices for PRINT, 1987’s “Black Designers: Missing in Action” and her followup, 2016’s “Black Designers: Still Missing in Action?

There’s no denying that Miller is an accomplished leader in the industry, and if she fascinates you even a little, you’re in luck. On Thursday, February 24, Miller will speak as part of IBM and Project Osmosis’ talk series Designing Your Career. Her talk is called “Designing in the Dark,” and she will present critical design understanding into one of the top acclaimed eras of modern design history, “Eclectic Modernism.” Additionally, she will speak about her advocacy and the agency she founded.

The talk will discuss her past and accomplishments, and the last 20 to 30 minutes will be saved for a question and answer session. The virtual lecture will take place Thursday, February 24, 2022 from 5:30-7pm CST. You can register for free here.