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Los Angeles designer Deborah Sussman is 82 and still full of the tireless talent and energy that made her an environmental design pioneer. Its about time then that a retrospective of her amazing accomplishments be exhibited. The Woodbury School of Architecture has launched just such a show, “Deborah Sussman Loves Los Angeles” at the WUHO Gallery that focuses on large portion, from her early work from the moment that she cut here teeth at the Eames Studio up to the 1984 Olympics. I asked Sussman to sum up her relationship to this show:

What makes this exhibition so special for you?The passion of the team, the incredible scholarship, the huge presence of my work displayed in an inventive and truly “modern” manner in spite of many constraints (such as a very very small space). Also, seeing projects all together that have never been viewed that way is quite a revelation to me!

What’s the most important take-away you want the audience to have?That’s a tough question. One hope is to mount a show that covers the rest of my work and that of Sussman/Prejza. plus, a book and a home for my archives. But mostly, for people to appreciate and acknowledge the value of adventure in the built environment – an endeavor that takes place without rules and dogma, but is rooted in the soul (or dna) of every assignment. Also, that the role of women in the built environment is major.

What’s next in your working life?Ask me next week. At least, to continue and extend the stories and material that this amazing exhibit has so beautifully exposed. Also, to continue the relationships developed during the process of mounting this show.

WUHO Gallery, 6518 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028: Thursday – Saturday 1-6.

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Olympics-Tower Deborah Sussman
Tubes Deborah Sussman
Olympics Coliseum
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