Meet HOW Design Live’s 2014 Leadership Conference Speakers

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Fundamental to any great conference is quality speakers, right? And if you know HOW Design Live, you know that we work hard to consistently deliver the names (and brains!) you want to see for that creative “shot in the arm” you’ve been craving.

That’s why the introduction of the HOW Leadership Conference to HOW Design Live’s program means you’ll have access to thought leaders at the top of their game. These individuals are proven in their craft and will inspire, delight and challenge you to lead your best creative life possible.

If you’re a leader yourself, an executive or manager, be prepared to be moved. This conference is all about the big picture—understanding your role to facilitate more meaningful work both in yourself and others.

Maybe you aren’t in a position of leadership at the moment, but you need to reignite that personal spark? The HOW Leadership Conference will remind you why you do what you do. And you’ll leave the conference awe-inspired…

HOW Leadership Conference

6 BIG Reasons to Attend the HOW Leadership Conference:

Malcolm Gladwell – in conversation with DeeDee Gordon. What can we say about Malcolm Gladwell? Prolific writer, author, thinker, game-changer. Yes, superstar. You’ve seen him interviewed on talk shows and find his books in every major bookstore and library. Put plainly: We can’t wait!

DeeDee Gordon. Ah, the consumer-centered guru! She’s the President of Innovation Group at Sterling Brands, and her work has been prominently featured by the likes of PBS, The New Yorker and Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. As a trend and consumer insight expert, DeeDee joins forces with Malcolm for a presentation we surely won’t forget.

Brian Singer. Heard of Facebook? A San-Fran based designer, Brian manages the Communication Design Team there. Pretty impressive. Consistently engaged in the design community at large through his work with AIGA, Brian’s vast design leadership experience means he has a lot to share with us!

Brian Singer, Facebook

Paola Antonelli. How would it feel to be ranked one of the 100 most powerful people in the world? Ask Paola. Her work as senior curator at MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design in NYC has led to much recognition—she’s thoughtful, bold and, according to Art Review, extremely powerful.

Seth Godin. Did you know that Seth sold his start-up to Yahoo! in the 1990s? This marked the beginning of a brave new world for him: a career with Yahoo! as Vice President of Direct Marketing, later authoring 17 best-selling books and running the most popular marketing blog in the world! What more can we say? Seth Godin is coming.

Dan Pink. Yes, it keeps getting better. Named on of the top 15 business thinkers in the world, Dan Pink is THE thought leader of all things business. With several bestselling books and experience analyzing what makes businesses thrive, we’re more than confident that Dan will motivate and stimulate during this exciting conference experience.

HOW Design Live: Be Inspired By Some of the Greatest Living Creative Minds

Do you want to lead a life and career of innovation? The HOW Leadership Conference is about (re)imagining your personal vision with the help of prominent thought leaders. This is your chance—your opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation about issues that you care about. Don’t miss your chance to be inspired by some of the greatest living minds around us.

HOW Design LIVE 2014

Learn more about the program of all-star speakers that Debbie has developed for the HOW Leadership Conference. Register for HOW Design Live before February 11 and save $300 off the price of a Big Ticket.