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Recently, the San Francisco–based bicycle company Public invited 27 designers, illustrators, and cartoonists to create a series of posters that interpret the concept of “public”—and, in particular, that promote urban spaces that are friendly for bicyclists and pedestrians. Called Public Works, the project drew an impressive roster of talent, including Roz Chast, Milton Glaser, Maira Kalman, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Sahre, and Paula Scher. Tonight, an exhibition of the posters goes on display at the California College of the Arts, and next week the posters travel to New York City for a weeklong stint at the Flos showroom in Soho, before returning to San Francisco for another brief show. (Complete exhibition information is here.) Scroll down to see five of the designs, and visit the Public Works store for purchasing information.

Paul Sahre (Click the images to view larger versions.)

Roz Chast

Henning Wagenbreth

Dana Arnett

Maira Kalman


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