Rejane Dal Bello’s Virtual Exhibition Is Straight Up Bananas

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Rejane Dal Bello is a creator who has been working in the design world for 23 years. Her career has allowed her opportunities such as traveling the world and working for leading design figures such as Milton Glaser and Wolff Olins. She’s widely known for her sensitivity and insight that shines through in her masterpieces that have been globally exhibited.

“Yes, We Have Bananas,” by Rejane Dal Bello, was supposed to be an in-person exhibition held in London last year. As we all very well know, COVID sadly put an abrupt halt to many plans. Instead of letting COVID end her laborious work, Rejane created a virtual reality exhibition that showcases all of her gorgeous banana-inspired pieces.

The exhibition finds inspiration in the cultural references of Brazil’s bananas—think internationally recognized pop music and Carmen Miranda’s quintessential fruit hat. You’ll come to understand the banana references throughout the virtual exhibition. From posters that are solely black and white to pieces that contemporarily represent the fruit, it truly is bananas that Rejane could turn a difficult situation into something that people could enjoy globally.

The virtual exhibit is live from April 23rd through May 23rd via the website.