This Fedrigoni Exhibition Showcases the Versatile, Ancient Art of Paper

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If you’re fascinated by the world of paper and happen to be in London this week, don’t miss Fedrigoni’s Paper Pavilion. In this weeklong exhibition, the luxury paper producer will bring a piece of Italy’s Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano to London. There, you can learn all about the history of papermaking, witness experimental approaches to the form, and take in some of its most remarkable modern innovations. If you’re looking for evidence this very old art is still going strong, be sure to check out the exhibit, especially their live events later in the week.

The exhibit is currently open and will be in London until May 15, but if you’re not there, don’t worry about it! Fedrigoni’s installation coincides with the release of two limited edition books that you can either buy online or at the exhibit this Thursday.

Reserve your space at the Paper Pavilion on Eventbrite and check out a preview of the exhibit below.

Speciality luxury paper producer Fedrigoni has released two limited edition handbound books curated by Umberto Giovannini, Torri and Muta, to commemorate the Paper Pavilion installation in Fabriano. The installation, created by designers Anusc Castiglioni and Massimo Zanelli with the works on paper by artists Maria Pina Bentivenga and Gianna Bentivenga, is described as a poetic journey into the world of paper craftsmanship and paper mills. 

The handbound books coincide with a re-creation of the Fabriano Paper Pavilion at this year’s London Craft Week taking place 9th – 15th May at Fedrigoni UK’s London Studio, and celebrates the craftsmanship of paper masters whilst exploring the salient features of the 2019 project.

The editorial project behind Torri and Muta looks at experimental approaches, including the choice of papers which are not conventionally used in publishing. Each book has sections dedicated to different projects and works, as well as images of installations created by fellow artists Ilaria Costanzo and Jacopo Nanni Bartolucci.                    

Fedrigoni brings Italy to Little Italy, showcasing moments from the Fabriano Paper Pavilion, a project commissioned by Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano – a foundation promoting the value of legacy techniques and research-studies in paper sciences. From 9th – 13th May, an exhibition of engravings and watermarks made for the Fabriano Paper Pavilion by Maria Pina Bentivenga and Gianna Bentivenga will be displayed.

A presentation of the Torri and Muta books with the artists and authors of the critical text will be shown on 12th May. Finally, a live recreation of a double scenography on rolls of paper descending from the ceiling by Maria Pina Bentivenga and Gianna Bentivenga will be shown on 12th and 13th of May. 

Ambra Fridegotto at Fedrigoni said: “We’re really excited to be recreating the Fabriano Paper Pavilion in our London Studio. The piece is an impressive and tactile portrayal of the artistry behind papermaking and the creative ideas it can inspire. The beautifully handbound books Torri and Muta skillfully depict the story of papermaking; we’re very proud to be able to share them at London Craft Week.”

You can find out more about Fedrigoni’s exhibitions and London Craft Week here