Today at the London Design Festival: V&A Maps by Michael Johnson

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Wednesday, September 22: As the hub of the London Design Festival, the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) is the place to be. So we thought it might be apropos to highlight these maps designed for the museum by Michael Johnson of London-based studio johnson banks.

The 10 maps are based on the wanderings of musicians, writers, theater producer Cameron Mackintosh, supermodel Erin O’Connor, and designers Stephen Jones and Paul Smith as they zig-zag around the museum between their favorite objects and exhibitions. As Johnson writes in his blog, “(We) decided to create different maps of the museum, based on notable people’s favourite items. We drew up lists of people that we and the museum thought would select an interesting and unusual ‘journey’ through one of the world’s greatest museums.”

According to Johnson, each map reflects the personality of the individual but also conforms to an overall style. Particularly notable was Johnson’s “unusual ‘map fold’ that creates the illusion of many pieces of paper, but is just folded from one piece of paper.”

Just as we’re providing guidance in navigating the more than 200 events of the London Design Festival, we appreciate a little help in finding our way around the impressive and at times overwhelming V&A. The maps can be picked up at various museum entrances and used to follow in the footsteps of the creative in question.