Today at the London Design Festival: Wrappers Delight

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Thursday, September 23: One of the quirkiest events during London Design Festival, Wrappers Delight, is an exhibition curated by graphic design studio Hyperkit. Designer Rose Reeves has collected orange wrappers from around the world over the past eight years, and they will be on display at the Taschen store from September 23 through October 6. Reeves explains her obsession with this fruit packaging:

I love that something that is usually disregarded and thrown away has such detail and care in the design and printing. To me, [orange wrappers] are one of the most imaginative types of packaging. The product is always the same but the wrappers can be so different sometimes they are almost inappropriate. Everything from zebras and kangaroos to maps and Greek gods. They are also a very addictive and accessible object to collect!